Products: Irrigation and Filtration Systems

T&C Indomal specializes in irrigation and filtration systems for oil palm nurseries throughout the world.

We work closely with the plantation directors and plantation managers to design and implement the systems best suited to your estates and particular requirements.

Commencing from you water collection pond, we study the optimal set up for the pond, initial filtration, engine, pump, discharge filtration disc filter and main supply pipe to the nursery area.

  • Supply Pipe and Irrigation Tube System
  • Showerhead Head Overhead Sprinkler System (Nursery)
  • Rain Curtain Overhead Sprinkler (Nursery)
  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Water Source

Supply Pipe and Irrigation Tube System


For the nursery irrigation system, T&C Indomal are the sole distributors for the Sumisansui Mark II tube system manufactured by SUMITOMO of Japan.

The tubes are supplied in 100 metre rolls and are made of special polyethylene. They are supplied via a 4 inch pipe.

At the recommended operating pressure of 0.8 kg/cm, tube interval is 3.6 metre apart in the oil palm nursery.

Supply Pipe and Irrigation Tube System


A new Sumishower design called “SHOWERHEAD” IS ALSO OFFERED BY T&C.

SHOWER HEAD has a wider throw than any comparative sprinklers and a very even spray and coverage.


  • Interval of stand is 12.5 metre
  • Watering area is 227 metres²
  • Watering time is 20 minutes only for equivalent of 6mm of rain.
  • Pressure recommended at 1.8kg/cm²

For nurseries where the Manager requires a shorter watering time than that of Rain Curtain, with a heavier spray pattern, we advise using our Shower Head V.I.8.

Supply Pipe and Irrigation Tube System

In the cases where the plantation manager to install an overhead sprinkler system, T&C Indomal can supply the “RAIN CURTAIN” system.

Developed in the USA, Rain Curtain carries a 5 year warranty under normal and recommended usage. It is a highly popular system worldwide.

  • Interval of stand is 14 metres.
  • Watering area is 430 metres²
  • Watering time is 1 hour and equivalent to 3.2 mm of rain.
  • Pressure is recommended at 1.7kg/cm²
  • Piping connection and riser system are supplied by T&C or can be adapted from an existing set-up.

Drip Irrigation System


Drip irrigation system works by supplying water directly into polybags to the place where water is needed.

Water Source

Discharge Filtration
In addition to the inlet filtration placed in the supply pond, T&C Indomal advises the addition of a highly – efficient discharge filter. Water filter DF 100-80 is fitted on the pump discharge pipe. It is simple to maintain. The filter ensures a supply of clear water to the irrigation tubes in the nursery. Clogging of irrigation tubes is minimised.

Discharge Filter

Pump and Engine System
The first step, your collection pond for water supply to your selected irrigation system whether tube system or overhead sprinkler. Inlet filtration is an important element here.


T&C Indomal systems are designed to utilize the designated size of water pump in accordance to clients requirement. Recommended pump type is the Australian Southern Cross.


Our pumps are linked to diesel engines appropriate to the output required for each nursery design. Standard installation utilizes Yanmar Diesel Engines.


The combined pump and engine unit is mounted on a raised platform. Vibration is minimal and noise reduced in operation.